Ean has been working hard in the hair industry since 2013 and is thrilled to be apart of the Two Horses family.  He has a passion for hair, an eye for detail and is thoughtful in his explanation of how to maintain the work he does so it lasts as long as possible. Ean always takes … Read More

Sara-Isobel Mulder

Izzy has been working in the professional hair industry since 2004. At 24, she realized after working in many salons that the salon life was not for her. Slowly building an army of amazing clients, Izzy stopped working for anyone and opened the modest, one woman show, Shaving Grace. In 2012, she outgrew that project and opened … Read More

Ashley Dusseault

Ashley Dusseault loves cutting hair.  She also loves her Two Horses family and getting to contribute to the shops rad vibes.  She’s a huge perfectionist and always takes the time to achieve the best possible outcome.  She loves color and will enthusiastically tackle even the most complicated situations. She laughs a lot and smiles even more.  … Read More

Melanie “Mumu” Huot-Lavoie

3Melanie (aka “Mumu”) started in the hair industry in Montreal back in 2006. Ready to take on new challenges, she left the 514 area to perfect her art at the renowned Vain salon in Seattle from 2008 to 2013. Since then her passion for hairstyling, thoroughness to detail and attentiveness to her client’s needs has garnered her a … Read More

Christie Dyball

Christie has worked in beauty, fashion, interior design and music from a very young age. She loves creating visual balance and well-being. Whether you want something super modern or soft and classic in cut or color, she can execute it. Christie’s philosophy in hairdressing is simple. She wants to bring out what your hair does best on its own, with … Read More

Hannah Dorozio

Hannah has been a Dancer/Choreographer (most notably under the title Ladybox), a high school Teacher (for about 3 seconds), and a Yoga Instructor (a love affair that lasted 5 years at Moksha Yoga Montreal). Now she has set her sights on hair and because the universe is generous, she landed a spot at the raddest … Read More

Killian Zombi

Killian is not your typical “sets and up-do” hairdresser. From a very young age, Killian became fascinated with the street punk hair around them featuring aggressive cuts and bold color choices. They have been pushing the boundaries of hair norms ever since. But crazy colors aren’t all Killian is good at. They like to work with the natural movement of the hair to create … Read More