Ashley Dusseault loves cutting hair.  She also loves her Two Horses family and getting to contribute to the shops rad vibes.  She’s a huge perfectionist and always takes the time to achieve the best possible outcome.  She loves color and will enthusiastically tackle even the most complicated situations. She laughs a lot and smiles even more.  When she’s not busy grooming her amazing and obsessively devout clientele, she’s probably at home watching Seinfeld. Book with her and she will renew your faith in hairdressers.  Promise.

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For booking please call the shop at 438-383-1565

*Included below is Ashley’s secondary bio which receives an honorary mention for including a hair-ranch.

Ashley Dusseault is the nomme de plume of Victoria born hair-wiz, Ash. Since arriving in Montreal in 2013 “The Lady With Hair” has quickly accumulated a dedicated clientele and supportive family at Two Horses Salon & Spa. Her skills include color, layering, close-ups, trunk-trims and even normal haircuts. In 2014 Ashley was honored the Hairy Masters certificate from Aveda by completing the 10,000 haircuts in a row challenge. This was done on a single day, a feat never before achieved by a white woman. Today Ashley is retired and living on a hair-ranch in rural Montana. She is survived by her long estranged son and husband of the same age and name.”