Two Horses isn’t a street shop. We made it this way because we cater to a select clientele that understands quality over quantity. Our clients come to Two Horses because they seek professional artists who provide the highest quality work possible. We take our work seriously so that you can relax and trust in the transformative experience of receiving your tattoo in a safe environment. Swing by the shop for a visit. We are always having fun at Two Horses. Giddy-Up!

Appointments & Pricing

First things first: We are cash only. To book an appointment you will need to pay a deposit which will vary on the estimated final cost of your tattoo. So we prefer that you come in first to discuss your ideas. We do cater to those coming to the shop from out of town and can … Read More

Tattoo Aftercare

It’s so important that you take good care of your tattoo. Once you leave the shop, it’s your responsibility to do what we tell you so that your piece will heal as well as possible. So pay attention: Remove the bandage after 4 hours. Wash it with warm water and unscented soap. Pat dry it … Read More