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We love hair and we want you to love yours too! Two Horses uses the exclusive Kevin Murphy product line. We offer non-gendered pricing accessible to all clients. To book, please call the shop at 438-383-1565. Or come by for a visit, grab a drink and horse around.

Hair Stylists

Izzy Mulder, Hair Stylist at Two Horses Tattoo and Hair Salon in Montreal, Canada

Sara-Isobel Mulder

Izzy has been working in the professional hair industry since 2004, slowly building an army of amazing clients. Initially she was a modest, one woman show called Shaving Grace. In 2013, she opened Two Horses with Jessi Preston and they have been galloping along ever since.

Ashely Dusseault of Two Horses in Montreal, quebec, canada, hair salon, tattoo shop

Ashley Dusseault

Ashley Dusseault loves cutting hair.  She also loves her Two Horses family and getting to contribute to the shops rad vibes.  She’s a huge perfectionist and always takes the time to achieve the best possible outcome.  She loves color and will enthusiastically tackle even the most complicated situations. She laughs a lot and smiles even more.  When she’s not busy grooming her amazing and obsessively devout clientele, she’s probably at home watching Seinfeld. Book with her and she will renew your faith in hairdressers.  Promise.


Chrystie Dyball of Two Horses hair salon and tattoo shop in Montreal, quebec, canada

Christie Dyball

Drawing inspiration from iconic looks in music, film and fashion, Christie Dyball’s vision can give your hair new life! Her fashion forward clients love Christie for her bold approach to shapes and color, but she can collaborate with you towards effortless natural style too. Christie is versatile with all hair types and textures so you will always leave with something that’s perfect and flattering just for you.


Courtenay at two horses tattoo shop and hair salon in Montreal, quebec, canada

Courtenay Schedel

Courtenay has been doing hair since 2014. Specializing in balayage, lived-in blondes, corrective colours, and long cuts, she can get anyone what they’re after! Getting to know her guests in and out is truly the greatest gift of her craft. Making people feel their absolute most beautiful self both in her chair and at home is what Courtenay is here for!

Jessica Lieu, hair stylist at two horses hair salon and tattoo shop in Montreal, quebec, canada

Jessica Lieu

Doing hair since 2010, Jessica believes that communication is paramount and knows how to have a thorough, well rounded consultation to deliver a cut and color that suits you and your lifestyle perfectly. She’s well versed in all types and textures of hair and loves to educate her guests on elevating their relationship to their locks. Her warm touch will make you feel heard, acknowledged and stoked on your hair!

Tristan hair stylist in Montreal, quebec at Two Horses hair salon and tattoo shop

Tristan Giardini

They’ve booked your appointments, steamed you café at laits, and even held your hand in moments of grave uncertainty. Now, they’re ready to bring the same readiness and charm to the salon chair. Meet Tristan Giardini, Two Horses’ newest junior stylist. A graduate of “Pure Academy”, they’ve also studied here under the likes of Izzy, Ashley, Kym, and Hannah, carefully crafting a meticulous, detailed oriented technique that puts patience and understanding above all else. Dedicated to the complex art of personal transformation, Tristan couples a keen eye for aesthetics with a profound understanding of the human soul. Though the look is key, it’s how you feel setting foot outside the shop that matters most to this bello.

Lou Bilfon

Lou specializes in detailed consultation and loves working with vivid colors. She is most passionate about complete transformations and her goal is always to make you feel like the best and most fabulous version of yourself. And just like her own mane, she loves natural curls.




☝ We recommend booking a consultation before any big changes with your hair. Prices may vary based on hair type, length, thickness.

In 2016 we became a Green Circle Salon committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. We repurpose hair, foils, color-tubes, paper, plastics and divert chemicals from being rinsed down the drain. Because we're awesome.

Hair Gossip

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