Colin - Barber and Stylist

Pronouns - He/ Him
Language - English+Some French
Sign - Scorpio

I moved to Montréal (Tiohtià:ke) from my home island of Newfoundland in September, 2021. I started cutting hair at Fogtown Barber in 2013 and happily practiced my craft there for over eight years.

By trade, I am a barber and am experienced in all variations of fades from high skin fades to low and subtle, side parts, center parts, slick backs, bowl cuts, mullets, textured crops and everything else that fits the bill. That said, I have always heavily borrowed inspiration from the hairstyling world and a lot of my favourite cuts to do are on medium lengths of hair. This is why I’m so inspired to be working alongside so many talented and humble hairstylists who constantly offer knowledge and admiration for each other’s work.

As much as I like cutting crisp looking fades, I also like cutting haircuts that don’t even necessarily have to look like fresh haircuts with clean lines. They can look jagged, choppy, feathered back, grown out, a combination of both, or whatever they need to be to make you feel like you. I never believed in the model that forces a client in and out of the chair before either party understands what their desired goal was.

Haircuts don’t have to be complicated but I like taking my time to make sure we are on the same page. I’ll always be happy to compare photos, offer input, at-home styling advice and talk through what we want our hair to be able to do and look like even if you weren’t completely sure when you sat down.

When I’m not cutting hair I spend a lot of my time finishing up my English and communications degree, reading, watching movies, practicing French, listening to and playing music and trying to take a break from urban spaces when I can. I have a lot of hobbies like woodworking, auto mechanics, birdwatching, welding and a bunch of other things I only know enough about to get me into trouble.