Pronouns - She\Her
Language - English + French +Croatian
Sign - Cancer
IG - @debzcolorz

The power of a colourist can be akin to a magician. Since 2010, I've had the ability to change nature and provide a new vision and life to a person. What a gift!

Hair is our DNA and our means of self-expression, confidence and pride. And yet, it can cause us pain, tears, and anger.

With your trust, I can help transform you into the empowered, emboldened and revitalized creature that you are while always respecting you and maintaining the integrity and health of your hair. 

I have the unique opportunity and highest honour of modifying a person’s crown and aura. The infinite possibilities of transformation through hair can alter someone’s life journey, change their sensuality, sexuality and confidence.

Sadly, when it comes to the beauty industry, it can be damaging to the environment. As artists we have a duty to be stewards to Mother Earth, to care for and protect her.  It is up to us humans to help progress the culture of the industry, to push forth green initiatives and to be part of a revolution that nurtures not only our clients, but the planet as well. 

When it comes to my role as a colourist, I seek an energetic exchange with my clients, one that fosters empowerment. This creates a positive feedback loop in which I am continuously inspired to dig deeper with them and unleash their inner beauty.
Imagine the boundaries we could push together and all that we could achieve – the cosmos our limit.

All this to say – hair is my way of magic and alchemy. Let’s create together!

When I am not behind the chair i am growing plants, dreaming of dogs, and being a moon child.