Sept 20+21 2022

Pronouns - She/Her
Language - Japanese + English
Sign - Taurus

Yuri is a Japanese nail artist based out of Nagoya, working frequently in Tokyo and NYC.  She specializes in hand-painted nail art with a focus on detailed geometric designs. Yuri's style of art is called "omakase”. This refers to the concept of spontaneously creating original designs with the client during the appointment.

Yuri started her career as a nail artist in 2015 working at several nail salons in NYC before opening her own nail studio in Long Island City in 2019. 
In 2020, she moved back to Japan. Since then, she travels back and forth between NYC and Japan focusing on her unique approach to personalized nail art. 

In 2021, she founded a nail sticker brand, Nandemo Club. Yuri is the head designer and creative director for the brand.

Catch her at Two Horses September 20+21 2022. For all appointments please CALL the shop or EMAIL us. We look forward to seeing you!