Cara Cara Studio

Pronouns - She/Her
Languages - English (for now!)
Sign - Sagittarius
IG - @caracarastudio
Website -
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Hello! I'm Meghan, a holistic facialist based in Montreal and the owner of Cara Cara!
I have over a decade of experience in the health and wellness space- from creating an organic food brand to working alongside celebrity dermatologists, holistic nutritionists, and wellness chefs in Los Angeles.

I hold certifications and advanced training in facials, medical aesthetics, and cosmetic dermatology.
I take a minimalist approach to skincare, focusing on intentional and effective modalities with well established benefits.

As your facialist, I am here to provide unbiased, easy-to-incorporate suggestions to support your skin health journey.

Cara Cara has one offering, and one offering only: the Cara Cara Facial. This 60 minute bespoke treatment cultivates healthy, glowing skin with a combination of clinical-grade technology and cruelty-free, luxury skincare. You will see cumulative improvements in your skin’s health, and best of all, this facial is for all skin types and tones!

The Cara Cara Facial includes:
+Deep Cleanse   
+LED Therapy   
+Skincare products from Dr. Barbara Sturm, Dr. Loretta, Facile, Furtuna Skin, and May Lindstrom   
+Puppy therapy from my hypoallergenic dog, Orly!

When i am not examining your skin i am eating yummy foods and playing endless games of fetch with my numero uno, Orly.