Pronouns - They/Them
Language - French + English
Astrological sign - Gemini
Specialty - Cutting all hair types, textures and lengths!
IG - @harris_sonne

One of the fondest memories I have of my childhood is my mum bringing me alongside her to the neighbourhood salon. There, I would sit for the entirety of her hair appointment while playing with the perm rollers.  I remember feeling right at home in this specific moment.

I was 11 the first time I cut my own hair. It was an act of defiance towards my choir director who had asked me to pin my bangs so my eyes wouldn't be hidden.  It was the first time I experimented with hairstyles on my own head, and I haven't stopped since.

My hair has accompanied me through the all of the most important life changes. It emphasizes the way I am constantly evolving as a person and I am grateful to be able to assist other people with their hair, as they navigate through their own life steps.

After dedicating my early twenties to the study of jazz violin, I found myself in need of a craft that allowed me to work creatively while working directly with people. I always had the idea of becoming a professional hairdresser in the back of my mind.

My specialty and passion is towards cutting, but i am exploring colour as well. I have the same approach with hair as I do with music: putting emphasis on creativity, technique, movement and human connexion. 

When I am not doing hair, I am lead singing in an all-women rock band and probably diving deep into a new hobby/interest.