Pronouns - They/Them/He/Him
Language - French + English
Sign - Libra
Specialty - Vivids + Colour + Perms
Instagram - @ouellet.olivier

We use our hair as a way to communicate our personality and individuality and I have always been captivated by it.

I remember being a kid and dreaming of colouring my hair like the rainbow and being denied that little pleasure by my parents. As soon as i was on my own, I started experimenting with every haircut and colour imaginable.  It didn’t come as a surprise to them when i decided to apply to hair school. 

I went on to graduate from Ecole des Metiers des Faubourgs in 2021. I have been learning and growing as an apprentice, assistant and junior stylist under the support of the incredibly talented people here at Two Horses. 

I draw inspiration from my past as a fashion designer,  identifying as queer human, rave culture and my obsession of all things colour.  The 60s, 70s and 80s are huge sources of influence as well as the Japanese avant garde designs and styles of the 90s.

I am very much here for you and all your crazy ideas! I love me a good vivid colour combo with interesting placement as well as a perfect curl shaping and/or a stylised perm.

When im not in the shop you can find me in a vintage store getting crazy over clothes, dancing the night away at a good techno rave or queer space, or discovering new food spots to enjoy with friends.