We offer gender neutral pricing on a sliding scale. These costs may change due to density and health of the hair, previous services, cost of materials, etc. We offer free consultations over zoom or in person at the salon and would be happy to give you an estimate. Wash and style are included in each service except bang trims and treatments. All prices exclude tax.

Silent Appointments

The salon experience can be overwhelming and over stimulating at times. If you would prefer not to talk, please request a silent appointment when booking.  Feel free to bring your laptop and headphones, a book, or just zone out in silence.


Clipper Cut
Buzz cut and fade maintenance. This appointment requires clippers only. 


Short HC
Length of hair prior to the appointment is no longer than ear length. 


Medium Haircut
Length of hair prior to the appointment is between ear length and mid-neck. 


Long Haircut
Hair length prior to the appointment is shoulder to chest length. Pricing may change depending on density of hair. 


Super Long and Thick
Hair length prior to the appointment is below your chest or is shoulder to chest length but extremely dense. 


Bang Trim
This appointment is for existing bangs only. 

Bangs & Bits
Bang trim and a clean up of face framing and crown layers. Wash is not included in this service.



Youth 10+
We are currently not accepting new children as clients. If your child is an existing client of ours they are welcome to continue with their current stylist.


Blow Out
Wash, blowout or style. This does not include updos or braids.


This service requires a consultation. Feel free to bring inspiration photos!



Root Retouch
Hair growth prior to the appointment must not exceed 8-10 weeks. 


Toners are applied to cut unwanted tones in dark or blonde hair or add a reflect or pastel colouring to existing lightened hair.


Single Process
Single process colour equates to a single tube of colour. If more than 1 tube is required for the length or density of your hair and extra chem fee will be applied to the bill. 


Double Process
This service is catered to those who want to go from blonde or light hair back to their natural colour or darker. The stylist will fill the cuticles of the hair with one tone, and then apply the desired colour after. 


Long Hair Balayage

Hair prior to the appointment is shoulder to chest length. This look includes a natural or dark root and a gradual/blended lightening from top to bottom.
Toner not included in price.


Med Balayage
Hair prior to the appointment is between ear length and mid neck length. This look includes a natural or dark root with a gradual/blended lightening from top or mid hair right to the ends. Please advise if your hair is thick as this may affect timing of this service. Toner not included in price.


Corrective Colour
Corrective colour is generally a large colour job that includes correcting an uneven previous colour, going from box dyed dark hair to blonde, or any big colour change. Consultation is required before booking a corrective colour.

Estimate upon consult-ation 

This is a smooth gradient of dark to light hair with the tips of the hair being the lightest and brightest. Toner not included in price.


On Scalp Bleach Lightening
This service is for those who desire to be solid blonde or pastel tones from roots to ends, whether its short, med or long hair.   On scalp bleach lightening is required. Please advise if you have any scalp conditions, sensitivities, or allergies. Do not wash your hair the day before or day of this appointment. Toner not included in price.


Bleach Root Retouch
Root retouch is for no more than 6-8 weeks regrowth. Please advise if you have any scalp conditions, sensitivities, or allergies. Do not wash hair the previous day or day of the appointment. Toner not included in price.


Half Head Highlights or Low Lights
Traditional weaved sectioning of hair to create lightness and dimension. This appointment focuses on the hairline and the crown of the head. Toner not included in price.


Full Head Highlights
Traditional weaved sectioning of hair to create lightness and dimension. Toner not included in price.


Face Framing Bleach Lightening
This is a 90s sectioning throwback. The desired effect is two lighter pieces from the centre front part down to the tips of the hair. 


Kevin Murphy Treatments
We have an array of different treatments from Kevin Murphy from strengthening, moisture, anti age and thickening. Please ask your stylist about each treatment. This service does not include a blowout or style. Add a blow out for 36$


Olaplex Treatment        $48 
Treat yourself to a bond building, restorative and regenerative treatment for dry damaged hair.  Add a blowout for 36$

Brow Tint or Bleach       
Change up your brow colour, darken or lighten. This is its own service. 


Brow Tint or Bleach Add On
If we are already doing your colour or bleach, why not do your brows?



Microblading: $325
Partial Brows: $200+
Annual touch-up: $175+
First touch-ups: FREE within 5 weeks of first appointment (does not include partial brow appointments)

Microblading is a technique that consists of making tiny hair like strokes by manually cutting the skin and releasing a small amount of the highest quality pigments into the epidermis of the skin.
Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo procedure. The results will last anywhere from 6 months to 3 years depending on various factors such as the skin type, sun exposure and lifestyle of the client.
The total service time from start to finish is approximately 2 hours. Prior to the actual service, a numbing cream (Zensa) is applied to the eyebrows for 30 minutes. Post numbing, the artist will carefully map out the desired shape of the brows and begin the procedure. A topical numbing cream is applied to the brows as the microblading service is taking place to ensure the client is comfortable during the procedure. The service is relatively painless.

Microblading pigment is not like tattoo ink. Some pigments contain iron oxide which is a heavy metal and can be toxic to the body, can migrate causing a "blown out" effect, or turn red or grey over time.  At Two Horses, our artists prefer to use Li Pigments. We chose Li Pigments because they are vegan, PPD, paraben, dye, silicone and cruelty free. This is a female owned and operated family business that hold the highest standards in the beauty industry. We will always choose to support family run operations!

If you are anemic, or low in iron in any sense - this procedure will fade faster than others. In extreme cases of anemia, microblading is not recommended. 
If your are pregnant or breastfeeding we suggest waiting postpartum for the service.

When the brows are freshly done, they will appear 30-50% darker than after healing. Healing the brows include a dark period (3 post service) a patchy period (day 4-7) and a period where most of the pigment will seemingly disappear (1-3 weeks). Around the 3-4 week period, the body will push the pigment back to the surface of the skin. We call this the “blooming” period. At five weeks the brows are fully healed.

If you require touch ups (most people do) this service happens five weeks after the first appointment. We suggest booking the touch-up appointment before leaving the first appointment with us. New eyebrows are best maintained by having a touch up once a year. However, some clients don't feel the need for touch-ups before eight months to two years after your appointment depending on the skin type.

A deposit of 100$ is taken to secure the appointment. We require 24 hours notice for all brow cancellations.  Any appointments cancelled before the time allowance will lose their deposit.

Manicures and Nail Art

Structured Gel Mani - $60
Classic gel manicure using vegan non-toxic Akzentz gel polish. Includes shaping, cuticle care, and one gel colour.

Basic Mani - $40
Classic manicure using vegan non-toxic Akzentz nail polish. Includes shaping, cuticle care, and one polish colour.

Hard Gel Overlay & Gel Polish Mani on Natural Nails - $70
This includes a coat of protective hard gel for those with medium/long natural nails or those trying to grow out their natural nails. Includes shaping, cuticle care, hard gel overlay on natural nails and one gel colour.

Refill - $65
Only book this if you already have gel on your nails done by Luna.

Sculpted Gel Extensions - $80
Sculpture Gel is a one-step system that strengthens and promotes the growth of natural nails. It is applied onto a natural nail, tip or gel extension. Sculpture Gel cures under a UV light, leaving the nail strong but flexible with a natural glossy or high shine finish.

Gel extensions Refill & Rebalance - 70$
Please note I will not perform refills on other technicians work.

Custom Nail Art - $10-$70
For a price estimate, please send a DM with your a description or photo of your inspo:

Gel extension removal - $20
Out with the old, in with the new!

Gel Polish Removal - $10
Time to switch it up!

Acrylic Removal - $25
Bye bye acrylics!