We are proud to be a Certified Sustainable Business. The beauty industry sends 877 pounds of waste to the landfill every single minute. That’s why we partner with @GreenCircleSalons to help change this reality.

Since joining forces in 2015, we have redirected, recycled, repurposed and recovered 95% of the equipment and products used by Two Horses. This includes all hair clippings, foils, metals, PPE, and extra colour.

In 2021-2022 we diverted 4352 lbs of salon waste alone and collectively 7,479,467 lbs of salon waste was kept out of landfills and waterways since 2009. We realize that sustainability is just the beginning and we all have a long way to go but committing to creating a more carbon neutral environment is at the core of our beliefs.

How does hair get recycled?

Our hair clippings are composted with other organic materials, turned into bio-composite plastic to make new products such as recycling bins or made into humanitarian aid products such as pillows for refugee camps.

Where does the excess bleach and colour go?

The excess colour and bleach is heated and separated into oils and waters. The water is cleaned and returned to the water system and the oil is blended into various types of fuel.

Where do hair foils and other salon metals go?

The metals are melted down into ingots (aluminum sheets or bars) and used to produce bicycles and car parts.

Where do the single use items and PPE waste go?

These items are incinerated at a facility and will be turned into clean energy to power homes and businesses. The ash that is produced can be used to make filler for asphalt and other construction materials like brick.

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