Pronouns - He/They
Language - English
Sign - Sagittarius

Specialty - Wash and wear styles, short hair, razor cuts
IG - @theowhytehair

When people used to ask me why I got into hair, my answer always was "I have no idea".  But after 5 years of working behind the chair, old friends have come out of the woodwork with anecdotes about me being obsessed with hair and hair styling from a very young age. And it's true, for as long as I can remember I've been fascinated by the transformative powers of a haircut.

I'm comfortable with all lengths, styles and textures of hair. With a background in traditional barbering, I have years of experience with clipper work and shorter hair shapes.

Over the last few years I've been focusing heavily on razor cuts. I love using my razor to bring out texture, and create effortless, livable, low maintenance hair.

Haircuts should be designed to play nice and grow nicer. I want your hair to look just as rad on Friday night as it does on Saturday morning and I want you to still be happy with your cut months after you got it.
But that doesn't limit our creativity. There is so much space to explore shapes that are boundary pushing, but still able to grow and transform into an even cooler haircut.

`Sometimes, I like to imagine my haircuts as gardens. I'm planting seeds to watch them grow.
I'm often just as excited about my clients grown out hair as I am about it freshly cut!

P.s. Bring me inspo photos from the 1990s (or for bonus points: cartoon characters) if you want to make my heart melt.

When i am not in the salon i am eating vegan snacks and watching hair tutorials.