Pronouns - He/They
Language - English
Sign - Sagittarius

Specialty - Wash and wear styles, short hair, razor cuts.
IG - @theowhytehair

Hi, My name's Theo, let me tell you a little bit about myself!

Originally from Vancouver, I moved to Montreal in the autumn of 2022. I've been doing hair for 6 years and while I'm comfortable with pretty much anything, I do specialize in a couple of different things: Short-mid length hair, wash and wearability, barber cuts, razor cuts, curly/wavy hair, and all things shaggy and lived in.

I'm obsessed with how a haircut grows out. I like to think of hairstyling as gardening, I'm just planting seeds to watch them grow. And while we're discussing grow out, let's talk about my other obsession: keeping things low maintenance. Haircuts should be designed to play nice and grow nicer. I want your hair to look just as cool on Saturday morning as it did on Friday night, and I want you to still be happy with your cut a month after you've got it.

Favourite inspo: 90s grunge, old school barbering, 20th century punk, DIY haircuts, 90s anime, skate culture, and like a ton of other things.

When I'm not in the salon I'm probably at my apartment with my cat and my girlfriend. I spend most of my free time chronically online (lol), reading and learning about history, pop culture, or anything that tickles my brain. Music is another big passion of mine. Whether I'm playing, listening to, or writing it, music is ever present in my life.

Thanks so much for reading all this! I'm looking forward to meeting you and working with you to achieve the tailor-made, wash and wear haircut of your dreams!

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